Gain international investor exposure.

Dual Listing refers to a company that decides to list its shares on an exchange other than where it has its primary listing, usually to raise liquidity or increase visibility abroad. The reasons for pursuing or maintaining a dual listing vary from company to company, and are generally dependent on a multitude of factors specific to each. However, at a ‘high level’ the main advantages and challenges include the following.

Lower cost of capital, an expanded global shareholder base, greater liquidity, prestige and publicity are just some of the drivers behind a company’s decision to list their shares abroad. In addition, the aforementioned benefits surpass liabilities, taxes and various trading frictions, and reconciliation of financial statements with home and foreign standards.  

1. Access to a larger pool of investors (depending on your secondary listing, these could be local or international)
2. Increased liquidity, which is derived from operating in more than a single stock market (two listings doubles your company’s exposure)
3. Much greater access to capital, which, depending on your secondary listing, could be in larger markets, particularly Europe or North America
4. The potential to increase your opportunities for mergers and acquisitions due to broader exposure
5. The ability to break through in to different markets at strategic times of your company’s growth and expansion, depending on macroeconomic conditions.

Gaining international exposure in your stock.

At Equity Alliance, we offer one of the best ways to gain international capital exposure. Dual Listing is the process of listing a publicly traded company on one or more stock exchanges, and we offer companies the opportunity to list on one of the biggest in Europe, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in Germany, the third largest in Europe, and tenth largest in the world. With a market cap of US$ 1,776 billion, being listed provides companies with an excellent opportunity for international exposure. With our assistance, listing a company is a quick and hassle-free process, at a fee of 7000 EUR.