Investing their own personal funds .

Angel Investors typically invest their own personal funds, rather than the professionally managed, pooled money of Venture Capital. Equity Alliance and its international group of investors look to provide start-ups with finance to get them to the next level in growth. Interestingly, new studies are providing evidence that Angel Investments are less likely to fail than other traditional forms of initial financing.

Equity Alliance has an extensive network of high net worth individuals, who have been/are successful entrepreneurs and/or business executives. Angels use their own wealth for investing in early-stage companies that have the potential for rapid growth. As a bridge between raising capital through family/friends and Venture Capital, Angel Investing has several benefits over traditional forms of raising finance.

1. Can provide the needed funding capital for a startup
2. Gives the ability to raise capital in small amounts
3. Flexible business agreements that are quick to execute
4. Can bring forth vast knowledge and experience to a new company from experienced Angels
5. Involved in high-risk investments

Investment and Mentorship.

Equity Alliance has extensive contacts, both in the U.S. and abroad, that we can tap into when an unbelievable idea comes across our path. So, if you need someone with means, to listen to what you have to say, speak to us today.