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The biodegradable business: Why you don’t need smaller feet to reduce your carbon footprint

In 2019, Greta Thunberg became the youngest person to ever be named Time Magazine’s person of the year. An announcement that shook the world.  As a plastic producing, purchasing or retailing company, this probably shook you more than the rest. Maybe it even inspired you. Either way, it was less about Greta, and more about the fact that caring…

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Our planet is drowning in plastic, and there’s more than one thing to do about it

The Earth is 71% water, you’ve probably heard that before. What you might not know is that, today, 6.9 km3 of our planet is plastic. That’s a scary-as-hell statistic, and it’s also sure-as-hell not what Mother Nature intended.  It’s the reason over 100 million marine animals die every year from swallowing chip packets and sticking their cute little…


Growing Your Portfolio

We don’t endorse just anyone at Equity Alliance International. We only work with vetted businesses that show great promise of growth. When we do find those rare industry unicorns with unlimited potential, we make sure to speak up and make investment in them easy and accessible. We have found a number of companies that are…


New Investment Opportunities

Looking for a cutting edge company to acquire or take public? Equity Alliance International has an exciting opportunity for Public Companies  looking for new startup projects to add to their portfolio. We have vetted a number of new businesses that are ready to go to market, or are preparing to enter the next phase of…