Dean Lynch Biodegradable Future Director

In 2003, Dean founded and became CEO/Chairman of Equity Alliance International, a full service investor relations firm. The firm has achieved outstanding success in the execution of marketing strategies aimed at creating investor awareness for publicly traded companies in the U.S. and Germany.

He has extensive experience in Venture Capital, Investor Relations (IR), Business Development and Marketing, and specializes in the development of emerging growth companies and investor awareness. Established as a knowledgeable and well-versed industry professional, he has been immersed in the Investor Relations industry since 1999.

In 2012 he formed EA Venture Capital and the team toward new innovations by offering strategic advice and investment options to exciting young companies. With a focus on connecting sustainable, healthy products to the markets that demand them, Dean leverages his impressive expertise to plan and execute growth strategies, market and structure companies, develop streamlined, efficient business processes, and establish legal frameworks. Today, Equity Alliance both funds companies and raises growth capital from third party investors.


Leviticus Bentley Biodegradable Future CEO

Leviticus encapsulates the core values of honesty, respect and integrity, and possesses a pure humanitarian flare with a drive to make the world a better place. This is what led him to take ownership of Natures Way Supplements in 2015.

During his years as Managing Director at Natures Way Supplements, Leviticus’ operational and innovative mindset gave rise to Vita Go Beverages in 2017, which harnessed an ingenious cap technology to provide the two most vital elements (hydration and nutrition) to any living being. The creation of Vita Go Beverages drove him to expand his expertise even further into the injection moulding and packing industry, earning him extensive and valuable knowledge in thermoplastics and thermosetting polymers. His goals and values have contributed to the formation of an incomparable, unsurpassable product incorporating eco-friendly packaging with innovation and health. Leviticus serves as the CEO of Biodegradable Future



Jarren Thomas is an import-export specialist who has played an active role in securing gloves and 3M masks for the medical industry during the global pandemic. As a master communicator with a strong passion for customer service, Jarren can always be expected to go the extra mile.


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DANIEL LYNCH – Business Development
Daniel’s professional experience lies in sales, marketing and customer service. He first developed these skills at Equity Alliance, when he joined the team as a Marketing Assistant in 2011. Shortly after, Daniel joined Stream Drinks to strengthen his digital marketing expertise, and was promoted two years later.

As Account Manager, he gained years of valuable experience in sales, marketing and customer service within a high growth startup environment. Today, Daniel serves as CEO of Lynch Recruit and is an excellent ambassador for the company.


JORDAN BYRNE – Operations
Jordan is an ambitious young lady with a penchant for operations. As the newest member of the team, Jordan was quick to demonstrate the strength of her organizational and communication skills, as well as her people-centric approach to work.

Today, she is a coordinating force at Equity Alliance, ensuring that the rest of the team is not only doing the right thing, but doing things right.