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Make Your Business More Attractive to Investors

Bringing outside investors into your company is a decision not to be taken lightly. Raising capital through investment can give your business the boost it needs for great expansion and market share.


While some business owners may be resistant to the change and loss of control investment entails, for many companies with serious growth ambitions, investment is a necessary precondition.


So, how exactly can your business find and attract new investment? Here are our suggestions:


1 Have an actionable strategy plan that shows growth


Without a doubt, the most important variable for any smart investor is the opportunity for growth, and the potential for a higher valuation. Before meeting with an investor, put together your strategy plan, including actionable steps that will get you there. Be ambitious, but also  be reasonable – investors can be easily turned off by lavish promises and far-fetched numbers.


2 Have your previous financials ready to go


Validation of your numbers from a qualified accountant will work in your favour when it comes to your valuation. Most importantly, potential investors will have confidence in your company. It is advisable to have three years’ worth of audited financials, as this gives investors a clear understanding of your company and your numbers.


3 Find ways to eliminate waste and excess costs


Reducing your expenditure may seem counter-intuitive when it comes to bringing in outside financing, but showing restraint in lavish spending is a key indicator. Careful and intentional spending can make your business look attractive to investors. And don’t be gradual, be intentional, as you may only get full credit in terms of a higher valuation for lower costs that have been in place for a while.


4 Have qualified leaders in key positions


Surround yourself with experts in their respective roles. Company leaders with accountability for their roles is crucial for potential buyers. Ensure you are cultivating a successful corporate culture, by appointing the correct personnel in key positions. Successful companies do not remain so if the only qualified leader happens to be the CEO / Founder. Investors want to know that, even if you were to no longer be with the company, it is structured in a way in which it will thrive regardless.


5 Know your competition and how you’re better


Know who you are up against. And then ask, why should investors pick you over them? Not every industry is a zero-sum game and, even with that competition, most companies can thrive together. Understand who you’re up against, why you show more potential, and how this investment will catapult your business beyond the competition.


Finding the right investors for your business


Having your investor pitch locked and loaded is only half the battle, and will only work on those playing in your industry. At Equity Alliance, we take the guesswork out of the investor relationships building process.


As a credible investor relations and financial marketing firm, we are well positioned to help growth stocks secure liquidity in investor capital. We dedicate ourselves to hand-picking small-cap companies with unlimited potential, and connecting them to investors looking for companies on their way up.


We are seasoned professionals who know what you need, and what you’re up against. We create campaigns that are tailored to your specific objectives, and design them to get results.   


Contact Equity Alliance International


At Equity Alliance International, we tell your story to investors who want to hear it. We specialize in developing and executing targeted investor relations and paid advertising programs for emerging growth companies.


The result for your company?


Increased awareness, liquidity, trading volume, and stock value. We help you bridge the gap between what you know you’re worth, and your market valuation. Working together, we’ll communicate your value to the investment community and invite them to get on board.


Contact Equity Alliance today!


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