Going Global: Taking Your Company International

Going Global: Taking Your Company International   Are you dreaming about international expansion?   After establishing a business within your local market, the next step for you may be to branch out internationally. Becoming an international brand is a massive accomplishment for any business, but the path that leads you to realizing this goal is…

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Venture Capital For Raising Business Capital

Venture Capital For Raising Business Capital   Venture Capital funding is one of the most popular and attractive investment options for businesses hoping to raise capital – and for entrepreneurs looking to scale quickly, it is definitely a faster and more lucrative option.   But, what is venture capital funding?And what does a venture capital…

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Long Island Iced Tea Corp

At Equity Alliance International, we are able to skilfully spotlight a company’s innovative ideas, team and accomplishments, and invite motivated investors to share their growth.   While, many most of our clients operate within the blockchain, agricultural and fintech industries, we do not shy away from new challenges, new industries and new opportunities. In 2017,…

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Stock Funding & Loans

“We specialize in providing flexible and innovative structured debt and equity investments to the small-cap and micro-cap marketplace in a variety of sectors across international markets. We customize each transaction on an investment-by-investment basis. The team uses both fundamental and technical analysis in our due diligence.” Dean Lynch, CEO at Equity Alliance   Do you…

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Investor Acquisition: European Investor Access with Dual Listing

Are you looking for an opportunity to acquire investor interest in the European market? Getting exposure to European investment is an art that we pride ourselves in at Equity Alliance.   With over 15 years of experience in investor acquisition, we now offer North American listed companies the opportunity to get exposure to European markets,…

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Attracting Investors: What Investor Relations Firms Do

Investor Relations, as the name suggests, is all about the relationship between a company and  its investors, especially shareholders who are, in truth, the co-owners of the company. According to the regulatory framework, all participants of the stock market should have equal access to the information regarding the general condition of stock-listed companies.   Therefore,…