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You have a great idea. An untapped market niche. An innovative product. A much-needed service. A passionate team. A way to do something faster, better, cheaper. You’re on the verge. On the ground floor. Ready to become a market leader.


All you need is someone to hear your story, to see what you see. And you know they’ll want to be a part of it. But no one knows your story, sees your vision. Until now.


At Equity Alliance International, we tell your story to investors who want to hear it. We specialize in developing and executing targeted investor relations and paid advertising programs for emerging growth companies.


We dedicate ourselves to hand-picking small-cap companies with unlimited potential and connecting them to investors looking for companies on their way up. We are seasoned professionals who know what you need and what you’re up against. We create campaigns that are tailored to your specific objectives and design them to get results.


The result for your company? Increased awareness, liquidity, trading volume, and stock value. We help you bridge the gap between what you know you’re worth and your market valuation. Working together, we’ll communicate your value to the investment community and invite them to get on board.


With offices in San Diego, California and Cape Town, South Africa, Equity Alliances’ reach is substantial. We pride ourselves with being on the cutting edge on all our business interests and always in search of more challenges.